my mind in overdrive

You pull up to your local super store in your mini van, on the back window you have a “Stick Figure Family” proudly displaying your perfect little family. I’ve been driving behind you for a couple of miles now. You peaked my interest ever since I saw your kids fighting in the back of the … Continue reading my mind in overdrive

do you believe

that in silence we hear our fears? Jeffrey made that comment on one of my posts and it instantly struck a chord. for me it holds truth. the fears manifest themselves in different ways too. i spend a lot of time in silence even though i am constantly surrounded by people. it's not that i don't have … Continue reading do you believe

cackle and cock

i went to a comedy club last night with my husband and another couple. i had received free tickets so why not. the headliner was bobby slayton, also known as the pitbull of comedy. wow!!! i haven't seen someone who was so politically incorrect in a really long time. he managed to insult every class of … Continue reading cackle and cock

canopy of dreams

 i wait for you in the hollow of an ancient tree deep within the forest quiet i keep lest not stir the hope in me but my heart races wondering will you see what i see when you meet me deep within the forest under the canopy of dreams


  I feel like i've known you my whole life and didn't even know it. i'm not sure if that makes sense as i don't know how to explain this. it's like i knew i loved you before i knew you.