he dreams of me  and my mASSive bum tells me it's beautiful and such a turn on he imagines spanking me leaving his mark taking what he wants  when thighs he spreads apart teasingly he'll stroke his thick hard cock up my aching crack and over swollen lips until he's stung my peach and left … Continue reading mASSive


there was a time when words of adoration and appreciation would tickle my senses lustful desires of others would cause my heart to race and temperature to rise wanting, needing, expressions of longing would weaken my knees prose would send my mind on a wandering dream of what could be thoughts long submerged were released and … Continue reading flutter


your eyes worship me your breath heats me your words soothe me your fingers caress me your lips tease me your tongue elevates me your pink head probes me your rigid shaft frees me your arms protect me your love saves me