love is love

four years ago - my son, a senior in high school at the time came out of the closet as a gay man.  it wasn't really a surprise to his father and i. matter of fact we had suspected it from time to time and even asked him on several occasions if he was. with "no" … Continue reading love is love

my light

   my heart nearly ripped from my chest i sometimes wish i weren't me with the thought that i'd lost you it would be so much easier  to much for my being to process for all of us to just be tears sang of my love for us but if i weren't me when words could not … Continue reading my light


i wanted to run away last night run from the responsibilities of being a wife and mother away from the arguing and scabbed knuckles i can see how some people lose the ability to hang on and be the rock, the peace keeper, the healer i was almost there, even contemplated packing a bag and … Continue reading running