this one is going to be a doozy.

remember 3 months ago when i mentioned i was dealing with some new found emotions that were foreign to me? that emotion being jealousy...  you can read about it here. and then there was the very brief mention of a breakdown i also had... again you can read that here. yeah, well so there is more. … Continue reading this one is going to be a doozy.


I'm on travel and at dinner with my boss two nights ago, I re-opened a dating profile after a conversation we had about dating. Almost instantly I started conversing with someone. He is a business professional, holds a masters in biology and is currently training for an Ironman. Here is the beginning part of some … Continue reading Damn


I recently got sun burnt. And I recently got burnt on the man front too. Well that may not be entirely true but it feels that way. 'Cause I'm fucking pmsing and all kinds of hormonal and irrational. I'm on travel again, the guy I hooked up with before that I KNOW is not relationship … Continue reading Burned

I want this

sometimes I'll not just get it in my head that maybe there isn't a forever and always out there for me but I'll tell myself that maybe its better that way. then I see a picture like this one and my heart strings are strung and I know those are lies I tell myself to … Continue reading I want this