I don't know what to say or think of what happened. All I know is the person I considered my best friend didn't have my back. My friendship wasn't as valued as someone else's. Me being wronged wasn't defendable. Instead I was called names, told I wasn't her best friend and any feelings of hurt … Continue reading Empty


"Listen to the pain. It's both history teacher and fortune teller."¬†¬†Deadpool 2 Human behavior at its rawest, is reward-seeking or pain-avoiding. We are wired to remember that which has caused us distress in the past so as to avoid it in the future. The ultimate protection mechanism. We use it all the time without even … Continue reading Pain

lessons learned: compromise

NEVER compromise yourself, your heart, your soul, your integrity, your character, your time, your generosity, your joy, your smile, your energy, your loyalty, your peace, your truth, your well-being for a relationship that doesn't value all you put into it.

wide awake

i reached out to him feeling his heat as my hand got near a lazy smile forming when his hair grazed my palm tickling me before contact was made with the cold empty sheet it landed on my eyes springing open heart pounding wide awake with the realization he wasn't there and it was all … Continue reading wide awake


i don't know if my heart has ever felt completely whole but there have been times in my life it has been as close as i can imagine is possible. everyone carries around scars. reminders of moments in our life that were sad, traumatic, painful and of the people and circumstances who contributed to them. … Continue reading broken